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A Little Love For A Soul

It seems silly really,
this idea of expressing the essence of a soul
in a collection of paints and glass, paper and board.
I tried.

And invited St. Thérèse de Lisieux to help me;
guide me in my clumsy, yet impassioned attempt
to create an icon for the love of her.

I see all of the limits of my artistry.
I cozy up with the usual harsh judgement against my talents
while hoping to not let the good be lost in pursuit of the perfect.

for one fleeting moment,
in an instant of senses from the deep seat of my soul,
I recognize co-creation.

I experience the companion.

I feel the love of a soul just one luminous veil beyond
touch, or reason, or sight, or sound.

It is a small, unsuspecting thing;
this delicate little flower from a garden of wild things and tame dreams;
sprung from seeds that I do not know that I know.

It is a little love for a soul.

Let us humbly range ourselves among the imperfect;
let us estimate ourselves as little souls whom the good God must sustain every instant.-Thérèse de Lisieux

The Way of Understanding Nothing

Bird in a Wire Thumbnail © twyatt 2015Imagine where we would be.

What histories of hopeless reliance
upon only those things seen
with our own eyes,
and in our own time,
if it were not for our imaginations
and the visions,
of those before
and with us now.

Bird in a Wire Thumbnail bird's eye © twyatt 2015Be in your soul.
Surrounded by the light of Christ
and loving power of the Holy Spirit.

Pay Attention.
Pay attention to your soul
with the currency of consciousness.

Bird in a Wire Thumbnail bird © twyatt 2015Then drop the reins.
Allow yourself to be led into the meadows,
the city,
at work,
and community.

And return again to your evening.
In prayers and thankfulness,
celebrate a day of unexpected struggles and gifts,
sprung from One Constant
of Higher Purpose.

Bird in a Wire © twyatt 2015And rest.
In understanding nothing,
everything is possible.