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Frank, honest, sometimes painful look at addiction and hope of healing.

Finding Normal

Normal © twyatt 2014Wednesday is the last day of the year; a realization that strikes panic like a stitch in my side when running.

Oh wait, I haven’t been running since I turned 41. That look back makes this like child’s play – a few days in a year is nothing to twenty. And yet, like yesterday or twenty years ago I am again heckled to hate myself and plan my diet-cure by December 31. Continue reading

40:60 Busting Up Concrete

God in the City © twyatt 2014

God in the City © twyatt 2014

A few have asked, “How’s that 40:60 thing working out for you?”

Truthfully?  Not like I had hoped.  It seems there is more concrete of past thinking, beliefs and behaviors that need busting up and that’s never a pretty sight.  Not comfortable at all.  It seems God keeps pointing me towards a new direction and view of what is in need of seeing, accepting, surrendering and healing. Continue reading

40:60 Compassion to Change

God in the City © twyatt 2014

God in the City © twyatt 2014

Whether we call upon God in our moment of strength before stepping into the temptations of our character defects, or make our plea for forgiveness while the powder sugar is still settling on our lips, God is equally present with love and compassion on both sides of our decisions. Continue reading

The 40:60 Campaign

cropped-God-in-the-City-Header-©-twyatt-2014.jpgThe 40:60 Campaign, or forty days to turning 60 years, started with a panic in facing my next birthday.  A biggie.  The big 6-0.  All birthdays, even the mundane crossings from 33 to 34, or 56 to 57, stir up a need to reflect and repent.  Yes, repent – for what I didn’t get done, what dress size I either grew out-of or didn’t reduce-to, or what book stayed still stuck in my dreams. Continue reading


Clock at Belgium Bridge (section) © twyatt 2014

“Give yourself, and all you have ever met a fresh start from to-day. Remember no more their sins and failures, or your own.  The remembrance is a current of disappointment that hinders the swimmer.”-God Calling

These loving words reach the parts of me that want to condemn the less-than-perfect me, the me that stumbles and falls.  They remind me that every single day I get a fresh start, a present where God accompanies my walk as if I am perfectly His, and an easter. Continue reading