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Stating the great I AM with God as our Guide.

40:60 Off the Couch of Sullenness

God in the City © twyatt 2014

God in the City © twyatt 2014

I feel I am only one short step ahead of being swallowed, whole, by depression.  Glances back far outweigh looking forward.  Slight remembrances of childhood corners are turning into longing stares.  I know God loves me, but so did Mom and she’s not here.  And I seem to love most, if not only, those people and things lost or not found (if only in my imagination). Continue reading

Morning Time

I renewed my morning time meditation list this year.  I noticed that somewhere between July and December my meditation had casually strayed into the murkier wanderings of just reading.  Just writing.  Just praying – although what a disservice to the power of prayer it is to be preceded with “just”. 

My practice of making a list each morning had become noticeably absent, and I am happy to find that in resuming this portion of my practice, benefits of a more balanced life are also reappearing.

My morning time meditation, or Morning Time, includes journaling, reading, prayers and quiet times of meditation and affirmations. 

Journaling is incredibly important to my Morning Time.  It helps to move me into the center of my life, placing my spiritual life as important enough to make a priority in my day.  I usually begin with what I call my Morning Time List which follows a pattern of listing gratitudes, naming people and groups of people in prayer, and ending with writing promises to myself for the day.  I move on to reading and listening to the messages that come, then return to my writing with as little judgement as possible about what shows up on the pages.

Morning Time List
Gratitudes, Prayers and Promises Continue reading