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Celebrating nature.

Saved by the Sparkle

I am saved by the sparkle.

In a far-off tree
one flash of light invites me to look longer than a random glance.
I pause.
The sparkle continues just outside of my east window,
here on Chevy Chase.
Here in the city.

I watch in wonder as one small glint of shiny becomes a series,
a mid-morning twinkle;
a giggle of sunlight against massive yet lazy swaying limbs.

Thought suggests that these survivalist drops just might be
what remains from last night’s promise of rain.
That disappointing spit of random ounces finding redemption in the morning dew?

I am soothed by the sparkle.

It invites me.
Holds me.
Entertains my soul just long enough to make staring-out more appealing than staring-within;
derailing the train of reason as the more valued code;
offering Nature as the prayer and translator that She is.

Deeply, richly, simply and truly calling me to the quiet and wonder of fireflies in the summer,
smooth-as glass bay waters at dusk,
baby bunny rabbits near the edge of the meadow,
seamless vistas of pudgy clouds tinted in Payne’s Grey tones
against 180 degree backdrops of indigo skies;
and standing in Texas twilight;
being a witness to last light’s fade so subtle
as to denounce defining the lazy day’s end.

I look again.
By evaporation or angle, leaves are again flat green fringes on large limbs of our oaks.
The sparkle is gone but not it’s effect.

I have been shifted by the sparkle.

Her spark reminded me of the beauty I see now, and have experienced this year in Galveston, Pecos, Abiquiu, and Brenham;
and here.
Yes, God is in the City.


Rockport Fishing © twyatt 2014A few moments on the balcony looking out to the edge of sky and water.  Water and earth.

Bob is fishing off the bank and has signaled that he already has snagged two good sized trout.

Settling back into my water-scape view, tears swell as naturally as the persistent, gentle lapping of waves against the concrete bulkhead.

These are the good days.

In hindsight we’ll see more of the incredible gift of these easy times, even as we know in these moments their delicate joys.

40:60 The Fall & The Flight

A dear friend introduced this to me yesterday.  It has stayed with me and is taking root.  And reminds me, encourages me of the ideals I am seeking to live – willing to live in the fall as well as the flight. How blessed we are by the words of others and the friends that help us notice.  I share these here with you. Continue reading

Minou the Masterful Cat

Minou lounging © twyatt 2014I made a conscious decision to unplug and keep the focus on the inside journey of the soul while attending school at The Abbey in Pecos.  But my writing continued in a plethora of notebooks and journals – recording the events of the day as well as how the Spirit (with a capital S) moved among and through us.  I’ll be posting more of these as they unwind – falling to form the mosaic that I know God created in me, and all of us as one Body of Christ.

Meantime I’ll re-post what came from my retreat visit in 2012.   How happy I was when I arrived this year and found Minou still hanging about with tall-cat prowess!  

I hope you enjoy reading about Minou, and that you might find a sense of God’s Spirit and sink into the awe and wonder of His presence in nature – be it in Pecos, or home – wherever that is.

                                                   Minou the Masterful Cat                                                     (originally posted October 12, 2012) Continue reading

Looking Forward To Pecos

Pecos River © Twyatt 2012Pecos View © Twyatt 2012Pecos Angel © Twyatt 2012

A few have asked about where I am going and what I am doing in June?  Here’s the link to where I will be, Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey in Pecos, New Mexico, plus a few pictures from when I was there in 2012.

I will be attending the Pecos Benedictine Charismatic School for Spiritual Direction including classes, group activities, meeting with an assigned Spiritual Director, prayers and quiet time for study and personal reflection. Continue reading

It May Not Look Like Much

Inti Drawing Cusco Peru © Twyatt 2014Inti Qorikancha (Temple of the Sun, Cusco Peru) © Twyatt 2014Pachamama Drawing Cuscos Peru © Twyatt 2014

I slept and dreamt until the twilight between sleep and waking moments when I woke up with two visuals that I hurriedly and crudely drew in the first pages of my new travel journal.  I fought back the familiar, critical voice saying that “I’m a lousy drawer” long enough to scratch out the barest of nods to what I was seeing in my mind’s eye.  

Then, a quick breakfast buffet and we set out into the day with Yure, and walking to The Qorikancha – The Sun Temple also known as Inti Kancha or Inti Wasi (which is Quechua, the native language of the Incas, for “sun  house”). Continue reading