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40:60 Busting Up Concrete

God in the City © twyatt 2014

God in the City © twyatt 2014

A few have asked, “How’s that 40:60 thing working out for you?”

Truthfully?  Not like I had hoped.  It seems there is more concrete of past thinking, beliefs and behaviors that need busting up and that’s never a pretty sight.  Not comfortable at all.  It seems God keeps pointing me towards a new direction and view of what is in need of seeing, accepting, surrendering and healing. Continue reading

The 40:60 Campaign

cropped-God-in-the-City-Header-©-twyatt-2014.jpgThe 40:60 Campaign, or forty days to turning 60 years, started with a panic in facing my next birthday.  A biggie.  The big 6-0.  All birthdays, even the mundane crossings from 33 to 34, or 56 to 57, stir up a need to reflect and repent.  Yes, repent – for what I didn’t get done, what dress size I either grew out-of or didn’t reduce-to, or what book stayed still stuck in my dreams. Continue reading